Okay, so I have never really had a “best friend” before college.  How weird is that…?

Actually, I think it’s pretty normal.  High school relationships, I have found, don’t really last, or they become very shallow.  Anyway, so this best friend of mine has moved really far away, and this makes me sad.  Kassi’s birthday is coming up soon though, so I decided to make her something!

She and her husband (<— correct grammer??)  just recently bought a condo and made a Murphy Bed for their guest bedroom.  They (by ‘they’ I mean probably Kassi) chose the colors of Salmon and Navy Blue. When I talked to Sam, he said they need stuff to hang up and knick-knacks and such.  So I Googled the colors looking for something cool to paint.  Apparently Salmon and Navy are colors used for Nautical themes pretty frequently, so I subtly (I don’t know how subtly) asked Kassi if her guest bedroom was Nautical themed.  Haha.  It was!

So I then proceeded to prep for the paintings and work was underway! 😀

1.Paintings 1 The first thing I did (besides buy 3 canvases all the same size) was measure and tape off segments of the canvas using masking tape.  I was going to use the painters tape we had left over from the house, but it was too thick.  The masking tape was too thin, so I layered them, two pieces for each line.


2. Paintings 2The next step was to outline the center letters so that when I started painting, I could switch between them while one dries.  This was very helpful. The only thing that was a pain was doing touch-ups since the paint bled on the masking tape lines a little bit.  They give it character, though!


3. Paintings 3When making the paint colors, I used bowls so I knew I had enough paint and wouldn’t run out.  The problem with running out of paint is making the exact same color again so it all matches between the three canvases. I started with Navy blue.


4. Paintings 4The next color I did was the Salmon! I used 2-3 coats of paint on all of it for uniformity.



5. Paintings 5After letting the base lines dry, I sketched on the boat and anchor.  I did those the next day.  I found that tight fitting saran wrap will keep my paint wet over night. I was a little scared that it would dry out on me before I could finish the picture!  Finished product!



I love doing art projects! (:

With Love,

Lykaios Chronicle