I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately… by a lot, I mean continually and not a variety of songs. (Ask Jon, he will tell you )  Anyway, so as I listen to the music, I like to move with it.  Some would call this dancing… however, it’s not nearly that well put together and coordinated, so I’m going to stick with “move with it.” Then I think about how the music makes me feel.  This all led to me looking up how music affects us, and this is the article I found:


It’s on the internet people!  That means it is TRUE!  Also, National Geographic is a pretty reputable source.  If you don’t like it, there are other sources, too.  It’s an interesting read, though.

To summarize, the article talks about how music affects people similarly across the world, how we use movement to elicit emotion, then in turn, use music to bring about certain emotions.  It also talks about how “music is embedded in the rituals of every human culture… and helps people bond.”

I was thinking about this and how we use music everyday.  When we are in the car by ourselves, when we are with friends, significant others, parties, church, concerts, etc.  So, in relation to the name of this post, I was moving with the music today whilst making cookies. I was all pumped and caught up in my dubstep (especially when the “beat dropped”)  It gets my adrenaline going, and I made my cookies with more vigor than ever!  I actually put the music on the TV so I could use the surround sound and turn up the volume.   I enjoy the vibrations/energy of the music, and the way it makes me feel.

It wasn’t until after I finished cooking that I thought about how music affects us, and I wanted to know more about it (later I will probably look up how it affects us chemically).

What I am most interested in right now, though, is how we are affected by music during praise and worship.  When we are listening to a band at church camp, or singing hymns, we are affected by the music and lyrics.  How much is from God, and how much is brought on by the music?  It’s a powerful tool we use to connect with our God.  But sometimes, I admit, I like the way secular music makes me feel, too.

Think about how you feel when you listen to music (whatever music you connect with).  Other people feel similar ways, too.  It’s crazy to think about how connected with are with people that are thousands of miles away.  We aren’t so different, and I love it.  Just food for thought.

What do you guys think?

With Love,

Lykaios Chronicle