It’s been a month!  Where has the time gone?!  Here’s what’s been my focus lately…

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to be involved in a church somewhere doing something to further God’s Kingdom.  However, with as often as Jon and I were moving (from Russellville, our college town, to Fort Smith, to Springdale, and now Conway) it was hard to be involved long term.  Well, I’m stepping in the right direction now, and I am so excited!
My sister-in-law called me and asked if I wanted to be the junior high girls church camp leader this year.  My first thought was, I’m way too young!  I was just going to church camp myself not that long ago!  But really it’s been at least six years (Seriously, where does my time go!?).  My next thought was that I am not ready to do something like this.


After constantly being frustrated that I couldn’t get involved somewhere, God sends me an opportunity, and I don’t think I’m prepared?!  I’m never really prepared anyway!  I told Vanessa that I would pray about it.  If I’m supposed to go, God would let me know, right?

The first three days of praying through the day I felt as though God wasn’t going to answer me.  It was a little frustrating… I would pray out loud just so I knew the words were out there in the open.  I literally felt as though I was talking to myself.  I was scared of the position, of being in charge of fragile teenagers, guiding their spiritual life when sometimes I felt as though mine were falling apart.  Did God really want me to do this?  Surely not… but I loved church camp.  It was such a great place to get away from everything and focus on God.  I decided to do it.

After I made the decision to step up and be the leader, it was amazing how much I felt as though God approved of my decision.  I felt so excited and motivated that I started working on lesson plans/quite time for my girls as soon as I figured out what we were going to be teaching and focusing on.  I was so pumped!  This is the opportunity I (unknowingly) have been waiting for.

Then it dawned on me (not only that I was an idiot), but I was given a choice.  Did I want to step up and be a leader for God?  If I didn’t, it may have effected the people I was going to be surrounded by negatively.  God let me choose if I was going to be a leader for Him.  As soon as I decided to step up, He gave me the heart and passion for it.

Church camp starts this Monday, and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for my girls and myself.  I will be sure to let everyone know how it goes!

With Love,

Lykaios Chronicle


In other news, I have another job interview tomorrow at a Christian Academy here in Conway.  Please be praying!  Not that I get the job (even though I really want it!!)  but that I have the right attitude towards a new opportunity that God has presented before me.  It may or may not be the one…. but my fingers are still crossed!