It’s about time, huh?  My life is crazy.  So this works really well for both Jon and I because there are just 2 of us.  Although it may work well with 3 people, too, you just won’t have any leftovers, which is what Jon and I like! 😀

So we buy the big package of chicken, which is 6 chicken breasts at about 5 lbs., and I use 2 breasts for each meal.  I am working up to buying a whole chicken one day.

Pulled Chicken Sandwiches (Easy peasy, right?)20140430_171521



2 Chicken Breasts

BBQ Sauce


Boil chicken in water over the stove until cooked all the way through.  Shred chicken (I use some really intense forks and Jon uses his fingers. Whatever works for you) Add Bar-B-Q sauce to the chicken, apply to bread, and presto!  You have an easy pulled chicken sandwich!  Add a veggie to be a little healthier.

Side note: Jonathan likes a sweet spicy BBQ but I can’t find any I like, so I buy a sweet and spicy or tangy BBQ and add hot sauce and a Cajun spice and it is delicious!)


Chicken Tacos


2 Chicken Breasts

Corn Tortillas

Vegetable Oil20140428_180735




Directions: Boil chicken in water on the stove until cooked thoroughly.  Shred chicken and add some salt for flavor (don’t be afraid to taste test). Fry corn tortillas in vegetable oil until soft. If you fry them too long, they will be stiff and crunchy (which is still good but not as workable). I place the tortillas on a paper towel to soak the excess oil.  Place shredded chicken in taco shell, add cheese and lettuce (and hot sauce!) Done! (:


Chicken Enchiladas

Link to previous post, in which the recipe and directions are listed here. —–> Enchiladas! 😀

The only thing different is just to use 2 chicken breasts instead of 2 cups.


So there you have it!  I am sorta in love with chicken because it is cheap and it tastes really good!


With Love,

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