So this post isn’t really going to be insightful or educational or anything really.  I just need to make myself update since I haven’t done it in a while.  This will help me get back into the groove of things. I need to make sure I update regularly!  Come on guys! You are supposed to help me stay motivated!

Life has been really chaotic lately.  We’ve been working on some things as far as Jon’s job is concerned (details that will be diverged later).   I have also been busy with work.  We haven’t had a free weekend since “Icannotrememberwhen.”  Cleaning my house is a necessity that never really gets done, but is getting done because Jon is in Texas (again) this week.  And maybe it will stay clean because he will be in Tennessee next week.  Last, but not least, I am always sick!  The perks of being a Pre-K teacher, right?  So things that are going around right now are:

  • Stomach bug (with no fever) (haven’t had this yet)
  • Strep throat (I had this not long ago)
  • Pneumonia (hope to never get this)
  • Cold (I have this now)
  • Summer Fever (I have this!! As well as other teachers)

I’m convinced that I will never really be “well” again. I haven’t had my voice since December, so I’m working on the forever.  Also, mother’s day is coming up.  I may be giving my mother a gift she will not want if I can’t get over being sick.  However, my presence will outweigh any ill effects. (:  I’m just that great of a daughter I guess!

Hope everyone else if feeling alive and well and is happy it is now warm outside! 😀

With Love,

Lykaios Chronicle

P.S. The picture is an EPIC find at a thrift store as Jon and I have been out of town recently. $3!!!  I am a little ecstatic and nostalgic.