Relationships are hard.

That being said, they are something that are worthwhile and that everybody has in common. I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately.  God. Friendship.  Spouse. Co-workers. How much time we put into them.  It’s different for everyone.

When Jon and I were first dating, everyone kept telling me how we were still young and shouldn’t rush into anything… that was probably when we were going on two or three years, although it definitely occurred much before then, too.  At that point, though, it really started to get frustrating and annoying.  I kept saying, I know!  We were waiting until after college already, both of us are from Christian families so we weren’t having sex or moving in with each other, we saw each other every day on Tech Campus, I mean, I knew Jon pretty well.  What was the most frustrating was that the advice was coming from people with failed marriages, poor relationships, etc.  We took time to really build our relationship.  We talked about religion and our future expectations (children/finances/etc.)  and sex and all the things you talk about when you think you may spend the rest of your lives together.

I think this should be a normal thing for couples to do (and I say I “think it should be” because it’s not).  Many people get married without knowing each other a year.  That’s great for them if it works! Awesome!   I sound a little judgmental right now, and I’m not gonna lie, I kind of am, but if I can’t be honest somewhere I want to share a part of myself with, then this is pointless.  I think people should be smarter about relationships. It is a little ironic because I didn’t feel this way at first.  I knew I loved Jon after month three and would have married him then, probably.  In hindsight, I’m glad we waited.  (Shh… don’t tell him that! (;  )

So, where I was going with this… ah, yes!  I don’t really spend that much time trying to build other relationships the way I built one with Jon, which is obviously different. This may be because I’m an introvert… but it’s really hard to build deep meaningful relationships.  You can’t do that with just anyone.  It must be something who is willing to “contemplate the meaning of life” and connect with you on a deeper emotional level without fear of rejection or dishonesty.

This is something I would love to discuss with people. Please tell me any input you may have.  Do you guys crave deeper, meaningful relationships?  Or are you okay with shallow friendships you create with people you barely know?  What do you desire to speak about?

With Love, (and a little judgement…. but mostly love)


Picture Significance – I chose the picture for this particular post because it is of the best girlfriend I have ever had.  I fought very hard to maintain my relationship with her through college, and we were roommates for 2 years – Sophomore and Senior.  I am very glad to have her in my life, even if she lives forever away!  I still keep in touch with her weekly and can talk to her about almost anything.  Relationships are a constant struggle to maintain, but well worth it!