So I wrote this super long post about being married and how our generation acts, but it was very one sided I think…. so I scrapped the entire thing.   My life hours wasted!  It’s tragic.

Anyway, I still want to mention the reason I wrote the lengthy post that got cut (TLPTGC).  While on the train trips to and from NYC to Stamford, CT, Jon and I met some really interesting people.  One lady in particular worked for the UN for a country in Northeastern Africa.  She sat down next to us and was reading as Jon and I discussed our day at the museums and what we liked best.  We managed to finagle her into a conversation (probably Jon’s doing… extroverts…. bleh).  Somehow, the topic of children came up.  Jon told her we are waiting 4 years (it’s really 3.5) before we have children. She then proceeded, somewhat surprised,

“You’re married?”

Well, yes!  We are! 😀  She thought we were friends because of the way we talked to each other.  I thought that was odd, but it wasn’t the first time I had thought about our relationship compared to others.  When I was a server working at Cheddar’s, I would come across several couples that would sit at their tables/booths, order, and stare off into the distance, sit on their phones, or do nothing; the whole time!  It’s weird that people don’t communicate when you have the opportunity to do so when you won’t later.  Make use of that time people!  But maybe some people just run out of things to say…


On another note, this weekend Jon, David, and I are going to be volunteering at GiveCamp in Northwest Arkansas.  This is a neat event where the technology savvy people can come and help non-profit organizations build websites, advertise, and market their services!  I am super excited about this, as is Jon… and maybe David?  We kinda just suckered him into coming. (;  However, I must pick up Jon from the airport at 20:00  tonight; Givecamp starts at 17:00!  He won’t make today, but tomorrow we’ll be there all day!

I need to put on my extrovert face and make this happen!

With Love,