These past two weeks were pretty stressful for Jon… and a little for myself as well – albeit, not nearly as much!  Two weeks ago, my body became sore in a way that doesn’t usually occur, but is still common for “that time of the month.” However, I was still two weeks away from that time. So I did what anyone does: Google. Thank you, Google.  Anyway, my symptoms matched both “pregnancy” and “that time of the month.”  This is when Jon does what Jon does best – worry! I had also just recently been on antibiotics for strep throat, too, which may or may not affect birth control.

At first, Jon and I were really upset that this happened so soon! We still had so much traveling we wanted to do, so many days we wanted to spend together just the two of us… but this is something I overcame rather quickly.  God is always in control, after all, and with how careful Jon and I are, the slim chance we had to get pregnant was in God’s hands.

This is when things got fun, because now every little “symptom” I had was related to pregnancy.  I am always tired, and those that know me well, know that I can sleep anytime, anywhere, always.  This became another symptom for Jon that he related to pregnancy, even though he knows I am always tired when I am not engaged in an activity.  It came to the point where my smashed finger was a symptom that resulted from my “pregnancy.” (It became a game for me)

So these past two weeks have been… interesting/stressful to say the least.  Every morning when I woke up I was greeted with,

“How are you feeling?”

Of course I knew what he was referring to, but after being asked every morning, afternoon, evening, everytimeIwenttothebathroom, and every moment in between, I just answered as if he were inquiring casually after my health.

“I’m good,” Insert smile and go about my business.  I don’t know what he expected… I was pretty confident I wasn’t pregnant.  I gave it about a 2/10 chance. I know my body pretty well. As the week passed, Jon grew more worried and it was a constant battle!  He was convincing my I was pregnant. I was convincing myself, too. Out of the blue, my friend from work told me she couldn’t wait to have a “little Hoffman” running around.  She didn’t know about any of this, and I was thinking, “oh my goodness, it’s going to happen!” Then while at the airport on the start of our vacation, we met a missionary couple with a 16 month little boy. This had to be God preparing me for a baby! Jon actually grew to be fond of little Judah, mentioning that if our child was as well behaved as him, it wouldn’t be so bad. (We all know that won’t be the case! Eek!)

Well, this week was our moment of truth.  Tuesday, yesterday, was actually the last day before we would really know for sure if we were pregnant. You can probably guess how that day went. He was constantly on my case about the foods and drinks I put in my body, too. Anyway, “this time of the month” has finally arrived, and my husband, literally, couldn’t be happier.

I have to admit I am a little disappointed after all the worry and excitement.  However, this just means I get to look forward to the time when we will actually get to have a baby. (3 and a half years!) And the time when Jon will rule over my body and life and keep me in a box (this may actually happen).  But it will be an adventure – eight more months than this was!

I am counting down the days, but cherishing the days I have Jon to myself, too. <3

With Love,

Lykaios Chronicle