I wonder how many people sit down and think about life.  What is the percentage of people?  Why is our life the way it is?  What have we done to make it this way?  The choices we make – decisions made that cannot be undone.  Would we change it?  How many people are so small minded that all they think about is the present and never reflect or plan anything?  I sometimes wish I could see inside the minds of others (how scary would that be?)

The more I have been thinking lately, the more I have been motivated to do something. I have always be motivated by external sources.  That Foot stepsshouldn’t be a surprise to those that know me, though.  I have been into sports my whole life, so I have always had someone pushing me to do better, whether I felt like it that day or not.  My parents pushed me to do things I was apathetic about or guilted me into what they expected from me as a daughter.  But I love both of my parents, and I wouldn’t change how I was raised for the world.  The experience and love I have received from my parents makes me the person I am.  I will take what I was given, refine it, add to it, and proceed to build relationships and raise my children the best I am able from what I have gained from life.

But how can I do better than what I am doing now?  (The list would be endless!)  I have narrowed it down. One way I can accomplish my goal is to be more educated.  This is going to be a hard process for me, because I am going to have to start motivated myself internally. I believe if I can become more educated in everything around me, I can understand people better, their interests, hold intelligent conversations, and better myself through what I learn.  With the advancement of technology, this is a simple thing!  We have everything we could ever need to know at our fingertips. What is stopping us? For myself, emotions are the worst part of this.  Depending on how I feel that day, I may not want to push myself to learn something new; or to build myself up.  At the same time, it is these emotions that push me forward.  I am excited at this new prospect in life.  What does it take to motivate people?

I have been talking to my husband, who has taken many personality tests for his current job, and have learned a lot – not nearly enough – about how different people operate.  Some people are motivated by personal gain sometimes at the detriment of others; some people are motivated to help other to the detriment of themselves.  There are so many different kinds of people and motivation. I just want to have an impact in the world. I am challenging you to step outside your comfort zone – do something! What would the world really be like if people tried…

Do you care if you are remembered?  If you make a mark on the world?  So many people pass through that are so quickly forgotten.

Will you be that person?

I won’t.

With Love,

Lykaios Chronicle