I believe everybody has some sort of artistic ability, be it architecture, photography, painting, building, sewing… there are a number of things that can be classified as “art.”  I have several areas in which I wish to be an artist, defined by Webster’s Dictionary as:


noun \ˈär-tist\

: a person who creates art : a person who is skilled at drawing, painting, etc.

: a skilled performer

: a person who is very good at something

The full definition is much lengthier (imagine that). Anyway, one of those areas I would like to be “very good at” is painting/drawing.  I don’t have the best motivation to always work on it, but when I do, I almost always use references.  I would like to get to a point in my life when I can create my own images from memory.  One image that I have completed recently is a version of Princess Mononoke (a character from an anime).  I used a reference and took shots of my progress.

1. Mononoke 1

2.Mononoke 2

3.Mononoke 3

4.Mononoke 4

5.Mononoke 5

6.Mononoke 6

7.Mononoke 7 Finished!


With Love,

Lykaios Chronicle