This past week, Jonathan has been in Texas trying to survive more training for his day job.  I have found a way to occupy my time, as well as make a mess of the entire living area.  I have been making jewelry!  Albeit rather amaturely (<— this isn’t even a word!).  Regardless, it has kept me busy, and I really enjoy the challenge.  The downside to this is that I must refrain from going and spending all our money on beads and wire and all the things I need to make this stuff!  That’s okay though, because I will be selling it at Gl!tchCon, so the money I make there will allow me to buy more stuff. (:

  Ear Cuffs Assort  Streampunk Necklace

Right now I have trying to get really good at bending wire to make these ear cuffs.  I am also working on a line of Steampunk jewelry. Also, there is a local store in down that is called Midtown Eclectic Mall that I am thinking about putting this jewelry and maybe our In Case Of… paracord line as well.  Haven’t decided though.  If you guys have any tips on making jewelry let me know! I haven’t been doing this long so I would appreciate any help. (:

With Love,

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