I am a preschool teacher, so I have the summers off (luckily).  I decided since Jon was going to Ohio for job training (this happens at least once a month), I would go to my mother’s house to spend time with my mother and my siblings.  Mom is always complaining that she never gets to see me that much anyway, although I only live 2 hours away…. in fact, she says that often… even when I only lived 30 minutes away, and she worked down the street from our apartment. Is this all mothers or just mine?

Anyway, so I spent some time with my nephew Gabriel when I arrived.  We did what all aunts and nephews should do: swam, played games, hunted for snakes, etc.  So we lifted up this board, hunting for any sort of wildlife at this point.  That’s when we found a skink.  Woohoo!  I shouted eagerly at Gabriel to “look!”  He saw it as it ran beneath the shed before I could catch it, sadly.  That’s when Gabe says he saw eggs.  I was thinking, no, the white I saw under that board were spider webs. There’s an abundance of those creepy crawlers around in the middle of nowhere, where my parents live.  I lifted the board to show him that there weren’t any eggs, but lo and behold, there were 8 small, leathery reptile eggs.  Who knew?  I placed the board back down softly, so I did not disturb the eggs, and hoped the momma skink would return.  I then proceeded to have a conversation with Gabriel that went about like this:

“You have good eyes, Gabriel”

“I have good eyes?”

“Yes, I didn’t see the eggs, but you did.”

“Oh I have good eyes?”


“Oh… I have good eyes…. you don’t.” <— Stated as a fact.

“Haha, no I guess not.”

“You don’t have good eyes, right now.” <— Trying to soften the blow to my ego.

Yeah, so he tried to make me feel better after that.  This happened on Monday.  I left Tuesday night to stay at my brother Dale’s house to watch anime all night (by all night, I mean around maybe midnight when Dale fell asleep).  I realized I left my watch at my parents house, and I can’t go home without it!  So I went by there on my way home and decided to take a picture of the skink eggs before I left, so I had my father lift up the board so my hands were free to take the picture.  This is what I was greeted with!

Skinks Border    Skink Babies border

It was incredible to see this, knowing that they were just hatching and only eggs the day before!  It made my trip!  I hope you all have as fantastic day as I have today.

With Love,

Lykaios Chronicle