So one of my many, many hobbies is reading. I love books.  Until recently, I have had a need to own these said books, or collect them if you will.  My husband, Jonathan, is much more practical than I am in this regard since we own a Kindle, and he likes to save money.  I would like to own both formats of the book.  One to show off, the other to have stored on a device that I can carry all my books with me and read whenever and wherever I like.  Is this just me?Books

Anyway, he linked me to a post on a website called Lifehacker (one of Jon’s addiction).  It had a revelation that one should collect accomplishments instead of objects.  Books for example: make a list of books that you read to keep as a collection and accomplishment instead of the books themselves.  This saves money, yes, but is still very hard for me to deal with since I love having the real book in my hand, too.  However… I am willing to give this a try.  It will also allow me to connect with people that have read the same books, or give recommendations or reviews on them.

This being said, I will make a page for just my books that I have read.  I am still unsure of how this will all be organized, and I will have to rack my brain to try and recall all the books I have read throughout my life (I wasn’t very social my last years of high school).  And so it begins…

Best Regards,

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