I went to Word Camp this weekend for the second time.  I really enjoyed socializing with strangers and learning their darkest secrets…. which is awkward for an introvert to say I think.  I am happy to note that no one was injured in the sessions with thrown candy, or any other objects for that matter.  I was provided free food, much more than Jon and I can possibly eat without getting sick of it (we took home leftovers), as  well as a t-shirt to sport, stickers to stick, and information to utilize to my own discretion (insert winky face).

I feel clever when I write.  Does anyone else feel this way?  I only wish I spoke the way I wrote.  I give myself an accent, too.  Is that a little weird?  Maybe…

I need to spend much more time reading about blogs and updating mine.  I would love people to provide feedback on such things as well, and post a link to their own blog or page or website or home address…. you know, whatever people want to do. I also want to do some guest hosting, so if you would like a post to be shared, I would love to help out!  Thank you to everyone who I have met, and those who provided some much needed advice.

Much love to you all,

Lykaios Chronicle