I have never really lost anyone close to me, but in the end, it is inevitable. I consider myself to be a good listener and a passionate person, so I like to think I can sympathize with those that go through these things.  I don’t really, though, do I?  I have lost pets that I loved immensely, but that doesn’t compare to someone you lose that has been in your life for years.

I hurt.  I hurt for those that go through this pain.  I shed tears for them, but I  know the pain I feel doesn’t come close to theirs.  I’ve only lived for 23 years, but through those years, I have learned the power of prayer.  It eases my soul to know that my God listens to me and understands my pain and sincerity.  I pray for those who go through these losses in hopes that they will let God ease their soul as well.  I wish I could better convey the emotion I feel as I type this post in revelation to a friend’s impending loss.  She is so strong and has a passion and energy that most people would be hard to match.  I love her and her strength. God is with her, and I know many are praying for her.

I am amazed at how well this woman is handling the situation. I wish I had her strength and perseverance. But I know she is not doing it alone.  She has God, friends, family, and most importantly, she has the power of prayer.  I hope one day, I will be strong enough to handle the loss of a loved one, but until then, I will pray… for myself, for anyone and everyone, and especially this woman.

I love you and may you always keep God in your heart. You are strong, but not alone.

With Love,

Lykaios Chronicle