There is a beginning to all dreams. Some continue carried on by others or live on in the hearts and minds of others, while others die sooner than one would hope. The real success is having the courage to follow those dreams. There are many things that, when I look back, I wish I would have followed through. It’s too late now. It won’t do any good to brood about it. I need to focus on the dreams I currently have or those, too, will die. My dreams don’t really come in any particular order, I just thought numbering them will help me keep count of how many dreams I have that need fulfilling.

Dream #1: Publish a Book

I think that blogging is a good start to this, and I am very excited. I also know that it takes a lot of time and energy to write a book. The people in my life will support my no matter what I decide to do. I hope that you also have the courage to follow your dreams.

<3 With Love,

Lykaios Chronicle